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The Future of the Detailing Master

Danville, Virginia River District Auto Spa’s ( The Ceramic Coating Headquarters of Southern Virginia) owner Mr. Von Wellington completes another level of future detailing in the Midwest. Bringing home something “worth more than gold “ to Southside VA. Wellington is enthused and very eager to take the region to the next level in car care. Every year he attends 3-4 trainings keeping the Auto Spa and the community educated and above the line with new emerging products and services.

Open 7days a week 7am-7pm appointments are able to be made as well as tight limited walk-in slots. Check out the spa’s site at for the new services and products offered. The service board list is long and full of unique items such as car ( color change) wrapping, ppf, window tinting, ceramic coatings, workshops, extreme interior shampooing, memberships and much much more.

Feel free to give us a call: 434-728-3459


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