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“A Certified Training Is An Understatement”

RDASPA's Owner Operator Von Wellington clinches his National recognized Dr. Beasley's Authorized Trainer / Distributor for the company's Atlantic Region sector. Hosted by Lake Country the detailing world's stellar pad manufacturer located in Wisconsin. Wellington and nine other advanced authorized DRB trainers and IDA certified detailers made a historical impact in the auto industry under the highly experienced collaborative industry legends.DRB's Chris "Director of Success" Racana set the stage for Griot's Garage Rod Kraft, FLEX Tools Chris Metcalf, Lake Country's Scott Voelz, Bob Eichelberg, and Bob Myers who poured their years of knowledge and fundamentals into the energetic cast of authorized detailers.

Von Wellington returned back to Danville (HOME) Virginia highly excited to service the community and train intriguing auto detailers from several neighboring states and the Southside's surrounding areas. If you haven't visited the River District Auto Spa located in Danville, Virginia's River District, please don't hesitate to book an appointment fast. Or feel free to stop by and say hey! Whichever don't pass up or miss the opportunity to endure a detailing experience of a lifetime.

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Michelle Wellington
Michelle Wellington
Oct 01, 2022

Congratulations Von keep going and keep up the hard work.❤️

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