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River District Auto Spa visits MTE in Orlando

Jan 26-29, 2023.

It's that awesome time of the year again. Detailing pros and techs headed up by the IDA all came to the City of Disney to educate and show their latest products and perks.

Von Wellington owner of RDASpa hailed from Danville, VA to represent the Auto Detailing Industry in his state came ready for the action. MTE is a detailers dream, every big name graced the lavish rug palace at the Rosen Shingle's Resort. Autogeek, The Rag Co. , Dr. Beasley, Geon, IK Sprayers just to name a few were in full swing educating and conversing with detailers on the floor.

RDASPA separates itself locally, statewide, and nationally from many other detail shops who don't attend these in depth educational conferences. Von says, "This is where it's at for us seasoned detailers. You can't compare where you can't compete and if you're here your business back home should be running itself".

Von Wellington owner of RDASAP with Martin from IK Sprayers, Spain

Von and crew grew vastly in 2022 despite facing the local economic development challenges his area is overcoming day by day.

Remembering times that would make one want to quit, Von didn't give up on his team nor the dream of running a successful high-end detail shop. So he went head first into education receiving certification after certification emerging as a national authorized distributor and trainer in the auto industry. There's so much more to do and so far to go, with never having a chance to look back at how far RDASPA has came the best is yet to come.

This 7 employee powerhouse is off to a great start in 2023. For all your car needs feel free to check out Von Wellington and the River District Auto Spa at

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Michelle Wellington

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