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Intro To Detailing

RDASpa's 2 Day #1 Workshop at their Danville, VA location. November 12-13, 2022


Standard Training centralizes on the basics of General Pro Detailing,Wash, Wax, Tires, Interior and Glass. Under the guidance of our RDASpa Trainers, you will obtain hands-on experience using the techniques needed to get you started in the car detailing industry. Various product brands and material types (such as standard, wash and soap, tire shine, and cleaners) will be introduced to demonstrate the do's and don't s of specific details. This class welcomes beginners with little to no experience.


In this class will you will learn how to do paint correction, ceramic coating installation, professional auto detailing , marketing your detail business, and how to deal with your sales dept on a daily basis. This class is a pro detailer's certification class. This is an intermediate class and we welcome focused beginners who would like to take this class who's interested in learning right away and growing their experience and business fast. Lunch is included.


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