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Car Wash Planned, Car Wash Approved


Here are two car washes that recently came before their respective planning boards. The first is in Danville, Virginia. That car wash has been up and running for years but finally got some official approval to operate. The second is still in the idea phase over in Wainscott, New York.

The Danville Register & Bee reports that the River District Auto Spa recently came before Danville’s City Council. Owners of the indoor car wash recently learned they needed additional approval to operate at the site. The council approved for the car wash owners to get a special use permit to fit under current zoning.

Some nearby businesses, including a homeless shelter, complained that the car wash would attract crime. Later the same business said they had received bad information and rescinded their comments. The new permit passed unanimously.

In Wainscott, New York, a car wash is on the table as one of a few suggestions for an eyesore of an abandoned property. The Easthampton Town Planning Board listened to suggestions for a one-acre property along Montauk Highway. An abandoned former night club currently occupies the site.

This is the second time a car wash has been proposed for the property, thought it recently met with mixed reviews, according to The East Hampton Star. Some said parking would be a major issue given traffic problems at the site.

The plan calls for a 4,435-square-foot steel and glass building with vacuum stations, a detailing area, an 18-space queuing line, and nine parking spaces. The facility would have solar panels. Access would be via the highway, with a second access on East Gate Road.

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