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Magic in May

The month of May just became a special time of the year at RDASpa. Kicking off the month the RDASpa Father and Son dynamic duo Von and King Wellington flew out in full detail fashion to Boise, Idaho for the National auto detailing training hosted by Dr. Beasley's and The Rag Company.

RDASPA's trainee Aaron Hill hailing from Richmond, VA and King Wellington made their presence felt on the National training floor. Both left with professional auto industry credentials which recognized them as an well knowledgeable auto detailer. Von was full of joy to witness them both acheiving their goals and fulfilling their dreams. Idaho's weather was abit i and down compared to Virginia's beautiful spring. Von look on as he got his moment to re-establish his wholesale-retailer business account with The Rag Company. Levi and the guys at TRC rolled out the Westcoast hospitality with great showmanship and a leafy lunch.

Moving right along the magic of May continues to thrive as RDASpa released its Valet Mobile Detailing services for Teachers Appreciation Week May9-10. RDASPA's fully stocked and equipped valet van detailed 10-12 cars at a local headstart in two days. The Valet Mobile Detailing was an instant hit as the calls came in immediately as if the entire community was watching and awaiting this exclusive personal service. For bookings for the Valet Mobile Detailing services log on to and there's a section strictly for the ideal service.

Valet Mobile Detailing services and a trip to Idaho would complete one's bucket list items. The magic and energy that May brought at RDASpa went through the roof. Owner Von Wellington had the opportunity to grace the Dan River Region's art-stellar Evince Magazine.

As Von says,"It was truly an honor to grasp the opportunity to inspire others about the art of auto detailing". Being in business for 7.5 years in downtown Danville, VA the love for the art of detailing is a 24hr job. 7am-7pm 7days a week appointments are met and services are rendered. Make your appointment today! 1-888-434-3403.

Lastly, here's more energy coming from RDASpa. Upon raising the bar in the Auto detailing industry and setting a stake in the city of Danville the RDASpa was awarded a $14000.00 and a $1,000.00 grant by the River District Association and Movement Bank. Von Wellington led his team as he spearheaded RDA's Ignite Business Pitch Competition in early January 2023. Von and his team's hardwork is paying off in strides and more auto services are coming down the pipeline. Such as oil changes, tire balance, rotation, and changing. Wheel alignment, powder coating and racing wheel retailing. The month of May is not over so stick around to see whatelse is in store coming from RDASpa.


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