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How often do you wash your car?

Washing your car weekly is recommended because dirt and contaminants can do some serious damage on the paint if they are not cleaned and the most damaging of those contaminants are bird droppings, tree saps, and dead bugs. These contain acids and chemicals that if left on for an extended period will stick to the surface of the paint and gradually eat through the clear coat that protects your car’s paint – it will be susceptible to corrosion and oxidation even rust if it eats through the base coat.

Brake dust is another contaminant you don’t want to accumulate on your car’s wheels and paint. It’s made up of metal and adhesives that could permanently stick on paint if left for an extended period, it can be difficult to remove and become unsightly.

Never wash your car under direct sunlight or if the surface is hot. Ideally wash in a covered area. A good time to wash would be early in the morning or evening when it’s nice and cool.

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