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Car Cleaning Foam

***New Car Cleaning Foam Alert*** Coming this week at River District Auto Spa.

We have found the perfect and correct foam soap for your car needs. The foam cannon on the other hand deserves all the attention it’s getting. If you’ve never seen a foam cannon or don’t know what a foam cannon does we’ll get you caught up fast. A foam cannon attaches to the end of an electric or gas pressure water and uses the high pressure water to sprayer a thick soapy mixture onto your car. It’s referred to as a foam cannon, well because the soap mixture that’s sprayed onto the car looks just like foam.

Now I know what thinking, why is this better than using a wash mitt or a 2 bucket washing method? It’s really simple, since a thick foam mixture is sprayed directly onto the car you don’t have to constantly dip a wash mitt into a bucket to soap up the car. The other major difference you’ll notice is the foam will cling to the car and not “run” off like a traditional car wash soap mixture. Both of these benefits make it easier to wash your car and will result in a cleaner car.

Stop by this week to be the first to be serviced with our all new foam soap method.

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