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River District Auto Spa... "The beauty and luxury of having a great car wash in your community&

Many car wash detailers miss the importance of "key" service when it comes to servicing their clients. Location, location, location is only one "key' to being a successful functioning car wash. Some car wash proprietors and operators get used to location only, and lack the other 3 P's of marketing which are Price, Product, and Promotion. Some car washes even become mobile and show up in public places (workplace, home, or other businesses) with huge water tanks and pressure washes (which is a huge eye-sore).

Car wash detailing should have a place, shop, or area for servicing rather than mobile. This ensures the client's vehicle gets all the tender love, care, and attention it needs. At RDASPA, the client can enjoy the privilege of communicating what their servicing needs are for their vehicle in the comfort of a great indoor auto spa. Unlike mobile detailers, which puts forth humiliation met by a huge water tanker and pressure washer with every eye in the community at watch right!?! LOL

River District Auto Spa understands the needs of the community and we have stepped up to the challenge since our doors first opened. We are an upscale community-based indoor operated facility that is housed in a 10,000 sq ft building on the corner of South Ridge and Patton Street in the growing section of the "River District" in Danville, VA. Our car detailers take their time paying great attention to detail cleaning clients' vehicles with smiling faces every inch of the way. Our detailing can include the inner interiors' upholders, ac trimmings, and vents with a soft tool.

We separates us from the competition, is our outstanding pickup and delivery car service. We step in and aid them in accomplishing their task of having a great and wonderful day each day of the week either by appointment, cold calls, or simply walking in to our facility. 'We understand!" at River District Auto Spa, and we appreciate every new client we encounter servicing them from the heart with that Re-Imagine Danville pride!"

Everyday of the week we have specials for our clients ranging from half off car washes and car detailing to even receiving a "free" wash and wax. Call us at 434-728-3459 and give us a try and re-imagine!

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